Why Link Bridge?

Why Link Building?

The creation of a tiered linking structure is proven to be one of the most effective ways to add power to any SEO-related marketing campaign. When used correctly, even a quantity-based link creation method has its place in boosting your pages.  Links still play a very important role in the SEO industry. The links that we create are contextual and surrounded by unique content, and we can even include YouTube videos and images whenever possible.



After years of experience and testing, we have discovered the most effective methods for getting these pages to index and push real power. In Google’s eyes, each link is like a vote – and more votes equals more popularity. When you link build to your backlinks, you’re increasing their popularity. The more popular the backlinks you have, the more weight they will carry. This leads to real ranking power, which means more traffic and more sales.


The backlinks that we create are made on high domain authority sites. We have thousands of relevant link networks at our disposal. All of the networks we create and utilize are accessed frequently and as a result, will get stronger over time. These links are also coupled with niche relevant articles and images to further reinforce your relevance. This level of quality ensures the links created are as secure as they are powerful. Finally, we submit these links to be indexed so that they are able to do their job effectively.

About US

Link Bridge gets you more customers by turning referrals into incentives. Think of it as dry-roots marketing on steroids. We has been running referral marketing campaigns every day since we first lauched and have gotten really good at increasing referral rates and growing sales for our customers. Our special secret is that we think about customer acquisition and referral marketing all the time, and we use this knowledge to make your customer referral programs better.